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100% Sustainable Logs

We don't like to see any part of the trees that we process go to waste, so as well as using our sawdust for animal bedding, we also supply kiln dried hardwood logs.

Our kilns are run using our biomass boiler, which in turn is run using 100% sustainable material and not fossil fuels to create the heat.


To give you confidence in our product we have become Ready To Burn certified.  This is a regulatory body who ensure anyone under the Ready To Burn banner are providing logs that are dried to under a 20% moisture content, meaning a hotter fire for you with less particulate pollution for the environment.  Ready to Burn also ensure that our wood is from a 100% sustainable source.

You might be interested in an article that we recently wrote for our local magazine, looking at burning wood to heat you home and it's environmental impact, published in the Sherborne Times here:

Sherborne Times; Wood As Fuel

Our prices are as follows:

Full load of hardwood logs, delivered is £195

Half load of hardwood logs, delivered is £115

The full load measures approximately 1.5 cubic metres (approximately two builders bags), for your comparison this makes our logs £130 per cubic metre.  

Contact us here to arrange delivery and we can answer any questions you may have.


Our logs are for delivery only, free of charge, as we are a working sawmill.  We only deliver within the DT9 area.

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